January 20, 2015 ColorFuzion

4 of the Most Hotly Anticipated Tech Gadgets Coming Out in 2015

A certain high profile watch is set to make a splash. And we’re also expecting to see the world’s first “family robot.”

Each year new tech toys are released and often become the hottest things on the market. That is, until the next year comes along (or in Apple’s case, multiple times every year).

Always trying to outdo their previous model, companies release new gadgets hoping to create an even bigger frenzy than the last.

Here are some new products that look like they may cause a commotion in 2015:
1. The Apple Watch

Expected to be available in Spring, this is the first device Apple has designed to be worn. In addition to all of the technological software (think email, texting, contacts, apps, and more) that it’ll have, it is expected to be even more personal by being able to monitor your physical well-being. It comes with a workout app and the ability to notify you of your movements, as well as what you can do to improve them. It is said that it may become a kind of personal trainer on your wrist. The long-heralded device is expected to allow consumers to choose and customize over 200 watch faces, and the gizmo itself will be available in different styles, starting at $349.
2. 180s Bluetooth Gen 2

Released just in time for Winter at the tail end of 2014, these adjustable unisex ear warmers are perfect for people who love the snow and want to listen to music while skiing or snowboarding. Not only are you able to stream music from your phone and take calls, but the 2015 model is also voice activated. Siri and Google Now are now featured, allowing you to stay connected during winter activities. There’s also a hi-def speaker system in these $80 warmers.
3. Hello’s Sense

This new sleep tracker monitors both you and your environment while you catch some zzzs. It watches for noise, light, room temperature, and particles in the air. It’s able to tell you how soundly you’re sleeping each night and can identify periods of restlessness. Because of the wide range of sensors on the spherical device, there are several tools to help pinpoint causes of wakefulness during the night. It is even able to adjust its alarm to suit your morning routine. If you are half-awake at 9am, the device senses activity related to this and adjusts its alarm accordingly. Creators of the device are shipping pre-orders in February and charging $129.
4. Jibo

The world’s first family robot is expected to be available for purchase in December 2015. Creators of the robot say it will make life around the house easier, with promotion for Jibo showing it doing a wide variety of things. It will take pictures and videos, alert you of reminders and messages, teach through interactive apps, and connect to your home technology (such as turning on lights). Designed to have its own non-robotic personality, it has two hi-res cameras for facial recognition and microphones. It also uses various social and emotional cues while talking. Using the Jibo app, it can be connected to your mobile devices and your home’s WiFi. This new “family member,” with almost 5,000 pre-ordered already, will be sold between $499 and $599.

Is it too early to add these to your wish list for next holiday season? Maybe not. There are numerous excuses, holidays and opportunities to treat yourself year-round. Maybe one of these makes a perfect Valentine’s Day or birthday gift. It will also be hard to resist these gadgets if they make a big enough commotion when they are released. Plus, with reasonable prices, they can possibly squeeze into even a tight budget.

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