February 3, 2015 ColorFuzion

Control your car with your iPhone or Iwatch

Apple today was granted around 45 patents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), with the most interesting being an advanced car control system. While Apple has been the forerunner when it comes to registering countless patents, not all of them are used and implemented. However, the company has a lot in store for the future of connecting almost every aspect of a user’s life with their products and technology.

Apple’s CarPlay OS is expected to be adopted by almost 24 million vehicles over the next five years; and with this patent, the car world might experience a technological revolution. The patent, published by Patently Apple, reveals that your automobile system will be able to connect to your phone via Bluetooth, giving you the opportunity to lock and unlock car doors, start up the engine, have personalized car settings, and shut down the car engine with reprogrammable instructions.

While this does seem like something out of a James Bond movie; if implemented properly, Apple will be able to get miles ahead of the competition. Moreover, Apple released HomeKit last year, which should further its ambitions for home automation. All these elements come together to make an Apple connected lifestyle possible.

Other functions reported by Patently Apple include: locking and unlocking the vehicle doors and trunk, starting the engine, activating the entertainment system, and activating the GPS. Moreover, the lights for the user and the passengers can also be activated with this system, while the car seat adjustments can also be made. With recent advancements in the car tech world, this technology is expected to gather greater traction if Apple pushes manufacturers to include the sensors and equipment needed to implement this.

But, with great power comes great responsibility, and the only drawback to this system is security. BMW has also implemented a system that allows users to lock and unlock their cars with smartphones. However, a recent discovered bug meant hackers could get into the system, and perform actions that were not authorized by the user. This security flaw could be used to retrieve sensitive information for the owner’s phone.

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), however, is touting a solution to the security problem with the implementation of its powerful TouchID, which is also the verification method for Apple Pay. If Apple does decide to implement the said patent into the car space, TouchID will hold a significant part of this process. More general problems with this system include the loss of battery on phone and no spare key. Apple has to make sure this gets implemented properly for commercial use; otherwise, this would be chaotic.