January 10, 2015 ColorFuzion

Domestic Robots

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas had an important number of companies promoting their house robots. When we think of robots we usually imagine humanoids, walking and talking the way we do and not devices that…vacuum. Although a different conception, it proves such robots will be a great addition to one’s home.

South Korean company Furo developed the I Home. IT is a cone-shaped robot on wheels that has a tablet for a head. The tablet displays the face of an animated robot that also speaks. The I Home can do many things. It can connect to other internet-controlled smart devices, shut down lights, music or the heating. It can even help children do their homework.

It can also be programmed to wake someone up, remind the person to take medicine or what schedule the person has planned for that day. If anything occurs at home, it can send a message to members of the family informing them that a problem has arisen and that they need to video chat with whoever is at home to check is everything is ok.

The estimated price is $1,000. The company is hoping to sell at least 10,000 units before the end of the year. The Ukrainian alternative costs $399. However, the battery life on this cheaper version is only 3 hours.

Another interesting robot revealed at the CES is Droplet. One of its features includes an internet-connected sprinkler which can be set to spray certain amounts of water depending on the plant it focuses on. As Steve Fernholz, founder of Droplet Robotics, explains, the robot can “accurately target two plants less than 6in away from each other and give them very different amounts of water”. He added that the robot can analyze weather forecasts, so it there is an 80% chance of a thunderstorm, it will wait to see if it will actually rain throughout that day.

Another addition to the domestic robot family is Atomobot, an air purification device that cleans the house.

Yukai Engineering Inc., a Japanese company, presented Bocco, the robot messenger. It is a device created for children and those unable to use a standard phone. The robot is activated via Wi-Fi. It comes with two buttons: one for playing the received message and for recording. It can receive both audio and texts, converting the second to audio, “reading it out loud”.

All of these domestic robots have proven one thing, that the future is now, and that the era of robots has only just begun.

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