September 9, 2013 ColorFuzion

The Next Iphone is Coming!

Week in Tech: The Next iPhone Is Coming

Check out this week’s round-up of tech news to know, including the latest rumors on the new iPhone and Samsung’s forthcoming smartwatch.


Each Monday, I cover the tech trends, gadgets, business services, and apps of note. The goal is to highlight not just consumer flash-in-the-pan ideas, but actual developments that could impact your business. Post in comments if you spot other essential headlines!

1. gets a facelift
One of my favorite screen-sharing tools is getting a major update. is great because it actually works reliably compared to services like Go To Meeting and Web Ex that require that you install extensions. (Half the time, they don’t work for me, especially in Google Chrome.) The app will now record the session and the audio for sharing in the cloud. There’s also a new app for iPad and iPhone that makes the sharing process even easier.

2. Seedcamp week starts
The tech event Seedcamp starts in London this week running through September 6. There are 20 start-ups in the mobile, Web, and software markets. There are keynotes, classes, and social events that match up the 20 companies with about 400 other interested parties.

3. Leaked Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch photos
ABC News reports that the photos for an upcoming smartwatch called the Samsung Galaxy Gear have leaked. The watch looks a bit like a squished down smartphone. In another leak, details circulated about the watch having 6GB or 8GB of storage, a 1.5GHz processor, and 1GB of RAM. Would you buy one of these? Let me know in comments.

4. ZoomDeck debuts
I like this new photo identification app as proof that there are still bright ideas out there. The app lets you mark an area of a photo and then let other users help you figure out what it is. You can also link these “spots” with wikis, maps, and other background info.

5. Apple media event next week
Apple will hold a media event next week, presumably to reveal the next iPhone. Most experts are saying it will probably be an iPhone 5S that’s faster and lasts longer but does not offer any new hardware features. I’m more interested in the purported iPhone 5C budget model which could offer an interesting lesson in how to maintain your brand when you offer a lower priced version of a similar product.

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